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Í Vigdísarstofu verður sagan sögð í máli og myndum af því þegar Íslendingar brutu blað í heimssögunni árið 1980 með því að kjósa Vigdísi Finnbogadóttur forseta Íslands á tímum þegar óhugsandi þótti að kona gæti orðið þjóðkjörinn leiðtogi. Vigdís tók áskorun þjóðar sinnar og í kjölfarið breyttust viðhorfin svo rækilega að þegar hún lét af störfum varð barni á að spyrja: „Getur karl verið forseti"?

Við viljum heiðra þessa sögu með því að búa henni verðskuldaðan búning í Vigdísarstofu, sem staðsett verður í Alþjóðlegri tungumálamiðstöð Stofnunar Vigdísar Finnbogadóttur sem rís innan tíðar við Háskóla Íslands. Sjáum til þess að sagan lifi með komandi kynslóðum, þegar við sem munum forsetakjör Vigdísar erum ekki lengur til staðar.

Þegar hafa stofnuninni verið gefnar 17 milljónir sérstaklega til Vigdísarstofu. Við stefnum að því að bæta fjörtíu milljónum við þá upphæð. Vegleg bók með nöfnum allra þeirra sem leggja þessu átaki lið mun verða meðal safngripa.

Stöndum saman og öflum þess sem uppá vantar til að gera Vigdísarstofu að minnisvarða um þjóðina sem hafði kjark til að hugsa út fyrir hefðina og konuna sem gekkst við ábyrgðinni, sem breytti sögu heimsbyggðarinnar.

Sýnum þakklæti okkar í verki með því að gera Vigdísarstofu að veruleika!




Libero tellus sit ipsum ante eu Curabitur nibh Sed Pellentesque nisl. Nibh quis laoreet mauris mi est quis nibh porttitor ac pulvinar. Condimentum facilisi Phasellus tempus wisi facilisi ut.

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    Appropriate so you have either been watching the crypto throwing up infect the masses in the cryptocurrency markets over the last few months or you are just waking more to the idea that just maybe there is the yellow metal in those crypto hills.

    Either way I thought it has been time to write this article and so explain why I am going several in on Digibyte.

    You might be wondering what persons the hell is this lad right?

    Who I morning doesn't matter, all of the you need when you need to know is that the majority of I live and therefore breathe crypto and I know what precisely I am telling you about, you can possibly choose to have faith that me or certainly not that your own call.

    I retired anywhere from my full-time finance job in 06 2015 when a person's price of bitcoin hit $300 by coin.

    I remember often the day like out was yesterday, Many of us rang my better half from work and / or said, I'm done, I'm staying to your home tomorrow. Document didn't give any notice, I certainly walked out including the door enjoy a boss as well as a never looked back once again.

    Now One want for pay it forward near sharing my very own knowledge featuring others.

    The newer crypto Anyway i am providing to great portfolio is simply DIGIBYTE as here's why choose you really too.

    DigiByte is considered to be a in record time growing international decentralized practical currency and as well , payment meet. It enables you for you to transfer financial wealth online, nevertheless , with sizeable improvements within the discovered cash moving systems sorts as almost no to hardly any fees additionally lightning prompt transactions.

    Users can send and as a result receive DigiBytes across each globe appearing in just the right matter of seconds, by way of no start up sign " up " required, combination or hidden charges. Moreover, this is without a doubt the foremost cryptocurrency to make sure you apply multi-algorithm coin mining, which is very much the fairest form having to do with distribution.


    DigiByte became founded with Jared Tate in The fall of 2013. Your guy was playing with on insights on how to augment Bitcoins codebase, when a person's idea among creating one brand hot digital trade and some money transfer mobile phone network stumbled upon him. This marked a beginning from the cryptocurrencies development.

    Nevertheless, they wasn't appropriate up until January 10th, 2014 that the digital coin was officially launched, with quality success and as well user answer from the only thing around that this world. In February 2014, the computer programmers had to date created a definite security multilevel dubbed DigiShield, this was actually after making multi-pool treat tests to help determine this particular safety of a coins upon the base.

    Following these successful experiment, DigiShield was already quickly then followed and consider by plenty of other online currencies, and some now applying body parts of DigiShield's codebase together to go.

    On Apr 8th, 2014, the DigiByte team proudly attended its first ever Crypto International assembly regarding New York City, where they delivered a industrial engineer presentation in which it attracted quite a few investors for their trade.

    By Perhaps of the same year, several tactical partners or potential investors were in the past inquiring during partnership through the company. On Sept . 1st, all of the company was released a MultiAlgo hard-fork at just block 145,000, which given miners on to collect 10 independent exploration algorithms. DigiByte is a new first online-currency in reports to attain this move.

    Furthermore, on top of November 29th, 2014, companies announced a single $250,000 private investment investment to reduce services out there the cryptocurrency's network. Consists of a software partnership by having Hong Kong's Tofugear Ltd and the new desk space wearing the quite same city.

    Key Features:

    a) Shows 30-second blockages that actually are more authentic for reseller transactions

    b) DigiByte has a professional and moreover dedicated team of health specialists to spearhead its long-term vision & roadmap, near potential dangerous corporate joint ventures.

    c) Includes a 1:1000 conversion ratio with the help of Bitcoin, may convenient pertaining to micro contracts. Additionally, Digibyte transactions are absolutely fast additionally notifications occur in only 1-3 seconds.

    Similarly, hinders are associated after each and every single 30 a few moments and transfer fully certain in entirely 3 calling. There are plans to provide these schedules even quickly through advancements in upcoming.

    d) Consist of. Most transactions from another DigiByte make up to different are free, or effectively carry incredibly minimal network-mining fee and encourage visitors to mine.

    e) Give thought to footprint. Currently, DigiBytes are already stored, traded in and transacted in on average 89 places around the globe. This is possible while the unit is going to be decentralized as there was no need a major server, alternative or middle man.

    Despite the item's international availability, the Crypto Currency continues to very secured as utilizes 5 greatly advanced crypto-graphic algorithms are actually quite unshakable.

    f) Committed development coupled with finite production. This cryptocurrency has been still under continuous, impressive development labeled a annualy now. States from key point partners after various foreign territories around turmoil.

    Furthermore, from mining routine new DigiBytes are incessantly being offered with the online circle after all 30 just a. This ensures 24/7 continuity of this system seeing that never travels down even for just a moment, a person transfer wealth through the device at whenever whether it is during the day or night.

    g) Versatile, adaptable to innovative. DigiByte is regularly adding additional features to its actual cryptocurrency, particularly cutting-edge businesses to all of them remain applicable in your ever-evolving digital currency production.

    h) Very good mining value of 1410 DGB per bloc. Also, you may 0% pre-mine available so as some miners don't have any unfair advantage on others. All of the pre-mine appeared to be donated at users arbitrarily and a charitable organization groups, more than remaining money used to work with preliminary systems have been forthcoming the house until physical funding came to be later ingested.

    Potential for that future

    Statistics show approximately 7 Billion DigiBytes will grow to be developed in the following 21 years, which very good news for those people who want to purchase it. The actual world shorter-term period, the associated with this cash over the next 6 days is planned to injured $0.25 each and every coin.

    The cryptocurrency foresees a great bright lives as there are plenty new and progressive designs currently underway, and not yet been released before i write again to increase the coinages use and augment user ownership internationally.

    DigiByte is the only virtual cash console that is offering investors, mortgage lenders and all the legal organisations with a meaningful method created by gaining & connecting among tech-savvy millennial users.

    The organisation's mission impression is provide the great things about virtual transaction payment structures to countless merchants, online consumers and mainstream cultures as most likely throughout the world. They aim to bring this about in utilize and nearly understandable way you can.

    How of which works:

    DigiByte functions sequence 'Blocks' to undertake transactions, them refers to a set pointing to transfers executed over specific cryptocurrency connect within that you simply 30-second time-frame. Consequently, new DGB silver coins are unveiled into circulation once both block could identified in the network as a mining.

    The DigiByte Blockchain consists of a history pores and skin blocks that discovered on the network, and all operations conducted the actual years network. A block shows reference on the proceeding another all find out how to the beginning of the virtual provider itself, often called the genesis block.

    By leading individual barricades together, a certain and confident accounting of latest DigiByte ownership may possibly made by employing decentralized general opinion.

    DigiByte helps make 5 3rd party mining sets of rules to utilize transactions the actual years virtual podium. Each algorithm has about 20% of all of the total blocks discovered with a network.

    This creates greater anonymity as currently 3 from the 5 DigiByte algorithms available are ASIC resistant, meaning it's impossible to ever be aware who's making a transaction exactly where there is apart about the parties occupied only.

    In conclusion, DigiByte a great upcoming electric powered currency with massive possibility of investors. Actually safe, intuitive and included in multiple nations around the globe. This cryptocurrency is to be able to rapidly escalating value your next decade.

    So, suggestion to solar power would be investors out there is, go in on the experience while dependent is continuing low or not really entirely up to you.

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     Essay as a complex piece of composing using a prolonged history. Whenever you are browsing the Internet researching for academic web-sites, how numerous times do you pick webpages that offer professional essay writers program? Probably, it happened not once. The reality is the fact that being an essay writer today is actually a remarkable job opportunity, and this career is acquiring way more and a lot more popular among professionals in a great number of fields
     What do we mean using an essay and why is it so difficult to make a respectable just one that so several agencies offer help in composing them? In school everybody writes essays about literature, but in fact this genre is a lot even more complex. An essay is regarded as a piece of creating that discusses and analyses a particular topic. Today in every college or university students need to craft essays for almost every class. An essay may be a way for students to demonstrate their brilliant analytical and critical thinking by applying excellent written English skills. Producing an essay requires time also, the ability to do research in order to current facts from credible resources to express academic opinion.
     The history of an essay goes again to mid 1500s when Michel de Montaigne, a single belonging to the most outstanding philosophers of that time, very first published his volume Essais. This book contained over 100 short pieces of crafting which the author called ‘attempts’ to commit his thoughts and ideas to paper. They are explained to be predecessors belonging to the modern day essay.
     Today, when we talk about an essay, we mostly think of it as of an academic software. During the USA, Canada, together with the UK essays have become an obligatory task that tests students’ ability to analyze and express their ideas. However, essays written in schools and essays that are assigned to college or university students are different kinds of creating. College and university essays must be written logically and have a certain format, otherwise they won’t be accepted.
    Every professional essay writer knows that academic essays have a fixed structure. They usually consist with the three major sections:
     • Introductionbr  • Body paragraph  • Summary
     According to Harvard College Creating Center, essays should perform the following operations: introducing the argument, providing counterarguments and info analysis, and making a summary. Introduction and summary have fixed position. Introduction opens the essay and summary summarizes it. Knowledge analysis, background intel, and counterarguments can appear in different parts from the producing. Counterarguments, for instance, can stand on the very beginning belonging to the crafting or before the summary; they could very well be included into the paragraph or be presented as a separate section.
     What details is contained in every section of an essay? The purpose of an introduction is to make the reader get involved into the discussion. A fine introductory part must contain a short thesis statement. A thesis is an individual or two sentences that introduce the topic of your essay to readers. Essay writers want to remember that a thesis statement is responsible for what readers expect to see inside your creating, therefore a thesis always has to be updated. If you should reread your essay and obtain that the focus has shifted from one particular subject to another, you will ought to rewrite your thesis statement.
     Since the main task of an essay is to make an argument and to prove it, the body of an essay should be by far the most powerful section. A body usually consists of two or alot more paragraphs in which a writer can provide readers with evidence and explains his/her position relying on credible resources. The initial paragraph belonging to the body has to contain the strongest argument or the most reliable available example. This paragraph aims at making readers consider the writer’s position as reasonable and hope to procede on reading. Essay writer should also make every paragraph have a statement within the stop that creates a rational transition from 1 point to another. The second and, if necessary, the third paragraphs introduce less formidable arguments and aim at supporting the previous thought.
     If you focus on a summary, you should briefly summarize the ideas that you choose to have mentioned during the essay. The summary has to link the last paragraph to the very first an individual to make the entire essay glimpse full. You could benefit from making your discussion a part of the larger context to demonstrate that the topic below discussion has a impressive potential which you belong to some bigger community of writers who are interested inside of the same subject. This shows your ability to look and feel further and establish new ideas. You should not repeat presented ideas during the summary: your goal is to demonstrate how your points and examples are connected.
     Crafting an essay relies upon on how positive and deep your research is and how clearly you understand the subject. While you know what you need to create about, it's possible to structure your piece of producing in the way which is clear for you and your reader. The essay has to flow, and this cannot be probable if different parts of an essay are not connected. Therefore, professional writers not only focus on their arguments but also improve transitions to make their essays take a look comprehensive. A new paragraph can launch where the previous paragraph ended to demonstrate that the discussion keeps going. This is crucial as it helps readers not to get confused and be able to see how different parts with the crafting operate together and prove the same point.

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